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Surprise.... by samuraivalerie Surprise.... :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 2 2 Scavenger photo hunt- Salt Palace interior by samuraivalerie Scavenger photo hunt- Salt Palace interior :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 2 0
Laystone: Proluge
Dashing through the bushes and the undergrowth, he checked his surroundings again with his aura ability. Nothing had changed since the last time he checked. It was still there, that strange presence among the familiar landscape.
Several scenarios danced mockingly in his head ever since the alert had reached him. The words still ringing at the front of his mind clear as a bell, “My Lord, there's an intruder in our borders.”
His preparations had been a blur from there, his rushing out of his home even more so. He remembered telling his attendants to see to security, for patrols to be set out and ready to evacuate the settlements should the need arise. But would it be enough if his worst fears were brought to light? If this intruder was one of many, what could he do then? How had they gotten in? What were their intentions? Could he stop them from ever coming back?
As he ran up to where that presence was coming from, he halted. Readying himself for battle, eyes open and searchi
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Nutshell reaction - MLP:FIM s07e02 by samuraivalerie Nutshell reaction - MLP:FIM s07e02 :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 3 0 Baby vs. turtle by samuraivalerie Baby vs. turtle :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 1 0
Scanned a ghost- chapter 4
As Danny looked around the city he found himself feeling a mix of being freaked out and impressed at how familiar everything was. If it weren’t for all the creatures walking around, he could swear the place was another city on earth, a foregoing low tech one but still.
Tom marveled at how little a human in Perim would know about the place, Najerin hadn’t been kidding when he said Danny was a special case on coming to Perim; right now they were just wondering the streets. Tom was just explaining about Porting to Perim from earth.
“So let me get this straight, you can be in two places at once?”
Tom nodded, “Earth self and Chaotic self, it’s pretty cool.”
“Wish I could do that.” Danny moaned, remembering the battle he had with Pariah the ghost king, the only time he could ever replicate himself in a fight. Tom gave a small laugh, not knowing what was going through his friend’s mind.
“I can’t tell you how many times I
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Doctor's orders by samuraivalerie Doctor's orders :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 3 2
The Deal
   The room was dark and silent, a condemned building with hardly any light save for the full moon shining through the crumbling roof. A lone figure in a long trench coat and heeled boots stepped over to the center with a no nonsense manner, a rolling suitcase with large custom wheels trailing behind her. She halted in the center, her masked eyes searching the shadows before pulling out an antique pocket watch with a silver moon on it’s face. The time showed five past midnight.
   She looked up at the sound of a heavy thump across the room, though she saw nothing she snapped the watch shut speaking with a hint of annoyance, “Late. And with such a cliche trick, are you trying to impress me or frighten me? You’ll find neither is easy to do.”
   “I could say the same about me, fleshy.” a deep voice spoke back in annoyance, the static undertone giving it something like a constant purr or a growl, “Though i have to admi
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Scanned a ghost - chapter 3
    Danny’s mind did a little flip when he got his first look at Kiru city, the place looked more like a fortress from afar, up close it was like a walled metropolis. Like something out of a medieval action movie or something, he couldn’t help but think of what his friends would think if they could see this. He knew Sam would probably love it, ‘would be better if the walls were black but that’s just me.’ she would say.
    As they descended for a landing, Najerin noticed how natural this seemed to the boy. It was almost as if the boy had done this before. Odd considering Ren had mentioned he was not a Chaotic player, which would’ve been the only reason for him to even enjoy the feeling.
    They touched down just inside the city gates, Najerin let the boy down just before his feet touched the ground, surprised when Danny landed on his feet with no trouble. Most would stumble when he let them
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Considering who it belonged to... by samuraivalerie Considering who it belonged to... :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 1 0 Savvy's parting gift by samuraivalerie Savvy's parting gift :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 1 1
Scanned a Ghost- Chapter 2
    Danny woke up on a large cot, in a room filled with shelf upon shelf of leather bound books and scrolls. There was a large fire filling the room with warmth and the smell of shouldering herbs, and when he looked around he could see a few large backed chairs and a wooden desk covered in quills and papers.
    He tried to sit up only to realize he felt like he had just finished a marathon across Europe and fought with Pariah dark for a second time, his head was still spinning. The door opened as he tried again. A large hand eased him back onto the cot gently.
    “Don’t try to move so much, you’re still weak from the portal’s effects.” An aged voice full of concern reached the boy’s ears. He stared up into the dark eyes of an old man with blue skin and darker colored robes; the beard was so thick you couldn’t see his mouth move when he spoke.
    Kind of looks lik
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Demo-Pony CMark by samuraivalerie Demo-Pony CMark :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 2 0 Tf2- Demo-Mane Pony by samuraivalerie Tf2- Demo-Mane Pony :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 4 1 Relpy Image by samuraivalerie Relpy Image :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 2 1 State of shock by samuraivalerie State of shock :iconsamuraivalerie:samuraivalerie 0 0

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For any interested:
By chance i came across an episode of MLP called A Royal Problem, and after watching the first two minutes i have decided its about time i picked my computer's camera back up and dusted off my art suplies for another reaction video/art link! Which I promise by my own magic will be done by next week. THIS I SWEAR!!!
I did try to warn him didn't I?
Just a little fan-art project for someone with some great videos. Antony C, don't you ever stop making people laugh OK?
Computer is on the fritz this week, so I had trouble keeping it saved the last few days, sorry about that. < -_-;>
Scavenger photo hunt- Salt Palace interior
So recently I purchased my ticket for Salt Lake Comic Con 2017Can we go NAO 
and I... think that emoji is a little too good. It's shows both my excitement and my reaction to anyone actually showing it so well.
I got so excited that I went on a little trip to remind myself of how to get to the building on my own so i can spend the whole day there. and i end up thinking, How about some before and after pictures of the place, before an event when everything is empty, and later during the event when all the people are dressed up, then i got to thinking why should i have all the fun?
So here's how it goes, if you or someone you know is going to Comic-Con in Utah this year use the collage image above to locate as many places as possible and snap your own photos. you can either have yourself at each place, images of friends, random group photos or just snap at random and move on. You could even make a game of it where your friends meet up afterwards and see who got how many places with the best shots, optional.
And come September I will be making another collage like this one of my own photos. And putting myself in as many as possible, that's right! Ya'll get to see my face and my costume!
Also i feel i should note to all of you actually living in Utah, i was able to get inside out of season because they were setting up for another event and I went out of my way to snap things that don't change so i wouldn't get in trouble. (In the case of the chairs I had to ask permission cause those change per event even if the set up is similar.)
Another thing: don't worry about matching these up exactly, i was just looking for good spots at random.
Update: Forgot to change the freakin' title.


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